Performance Marketing - Canopy


We create bold digital strategies for brands that are
brave enough to innovate and step out of the box.

Google Ads

Google Ads on Search, Display and Video Network. We put them to work in the budget set by you, for concrete results. We reach your customers through creative targeting methods, for mobile, desktop or tablet.

Google Search Ads

You’re just a click away. Be there when your customers are looking for your products and services by using the right keywords, audiences and ads.

Google Display Ads

We make sure that you are going to be visible by using relevant visual content. By using Display Ads, we are going to meet new audiences and also, those who already visited your website.

YouTube Ads

Your business is so nice! Why not make it the top of your audience’s mind? With YouTube Ads, you attract high quality traffic at a low cost per view (0.01 – 0.3 pounds/view).

Social Media Advertising

Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are the most popular social networks and your customers are here. We help you reach and conquer through complex, well-defined segmentations, without wasting investment.

Facebook Ads
Be where your audiences spend their time. Using the right tone of voice and the perfect targeting in order to obtain the desired results.

Instagram Ads
Did anyone say Instagram? We love visual content that represents the service or product at its best. We tailor the content for the right audience and we help the users decide why they should choose your brand and not your competitor.

LinkedIn Ads
Do you want to target different job titles or companies? LinkedIn is a must-have. We deliver the right message to the right audience, depending on the company, job experience, education, demographics, interests and traits.

Other Platforms

Your target audience is innovating everyday, by discovering new online channels on which they can spend some quality time. We build omni-channel strategies that help your brand become revolutionary.

Amazon Ads

Why not go further than Google? Let’s discover together Amazon Ads. Grow your business and increase sales with online advertising solutions that help you find, attract, and engage customers on and off Amazon.